“If they come to games, just to watch me take my shirt off or my brother, or anyone, if that’s an excuse for them to come and watch football then so be it. ”
– Phil Younghusband

Just drown the commentator with the crowd’s cheers and appreciate the shot!

Read article here.

I personally don’t like the idea of imports but if this is the first step for the Philippines to make a mark in the international arena, then go, import all you can! Just keep on winning, then someday train and recruit more from the home base. We got a lot of good players made and developed in Philippine soil.

One question. Kuya Phil, if you get married someday then you get old will you still keep your last name?


Kill me now.

9 thoughts on “Younghusband

  1. @TITA VIOLET: Ahahahha! So,ano naman ang team namin ni Choi? Tsaka, I dunno, di ko feel yung game (Sorry), I prefer badminton. ^_^ Hihihi!

    @TITO LYLE POGI: Ahahah! Natawa naman ako dun sa Youngwife. Ang galing mo talagang joker noh tito? And sige na, ikaw na bida. Ikaw na ang master ng table tennis. ahhah! Yan ang sport para sa mga taong pinagkaitan ng height. ^_^


  2. I just learned from an inside source that the ‘actual’ reason why Angel Locsin initially declined to date Phil YOUNGHUSBAND is that… well (and this really was her initial reaction) she was still pondering if she really, really wanted to become YOUNGWIFE… so there. I know, I know…

    And betchabai beybei not only can we really excel in futsal (sounds like a commercial name for foot powder), but also in TABLE TENNIS, there is no height advantage here also whatsoever… go AZTIGS! YIPPEE YIPPEE YEY YEY YEEEY!


  3. He asked Angel Locsin for a special date this Valentine’s day. Hahhaahha… Angel declined btw. ^_^ Pero, she insisted na sa ibang araw pwede. ^_^

    I think, we should invest in this sport. Mukhang, pwedeng-pwede tayong lumaban. Sa Basketball kasi, talo tayo sa height. Pero, sa football and boxing, sure win! Congratz AAzzkkaallsss!!! ^_^


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