My brother would be shocked to know that I’ve been lusting on these girly shoes for the longest time.

I never liked heels because I couldn’t walk straight in them. But ever since I tried my first wedge, I realized there is hope for my fat unstable legs. Thank you wedge-inventor!

Fine, fine. I know they’ve been existing for so long but you know me, I live in a batcave.

Anyway, here are some of the wedges I’ve been eyeing for a sturdy walking experience (also so I won’t look like a midget beside my giant boyfriend)…

Sadly, even if I know I can charm my way to acquiring some, I couldn’t. Because I’m going home and I don’t plan to have a check-in luggage.

With my history of airport mishaps (which I never fail to have), I couldn’t risk my one-hour connecting flight from Singapore to Manila with another baggage encounter.

Today I’ll be sending home a box of all my stuffs so all I have to carry with me on my flight is a backpack and my teambag. Let’s see how that works.

So to my friends and family who are asking for pasalubong, I shall treat you all to DIVISORIA when I get home.


8 thoughts on “Wedges

  1. Grabe naman mga Aldo na yan. Wedge na platform na pagkataas-taas. Would only dare wear those inside the office and maybe on nicely paved streets–not in very good supply in many parts of Pinas.


  2. oh my goodness byo, i cant imagine the 6-inch wedge on that feet of yours..;) but hey, sabi nga nila ..kung gusto mong maganda ka kahit masakit, magtiis ka..;) i hope i wont read about plastic surgery in your blog in the future..;)


    1. Welcome to VIOLETOLOGY, ate LOIS!!!! haha. ako din, I can’t imagine. pero i’m using a 4-inch at work before, not too bad kasi wedge nga. carry ang bigat ko. haha. siguro hindi plastic surgery… baka liposuction! joke. haha. labsyu! thanks for dropping by!


  3. Ate.. ang tataas naman po ng mga sandals na yan!!! antag mechongtor numat naha!!! hahaha..joke:) pero cute cla… layche’ anchi last te medjo mababa.. ani lawa eman!!! yaha che ba hen nakapack naha carton ate? hehehe…


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