Paragliding in South Korea: Happy Pilot Im (Danyang)

paragliding korea danyang

Let me introduce to you another pilot friend who I’ve followed around lately. Say hello to Happy Pilot Im.paragliding korea danyang

I first met him in the Philippines last month. My instructor, Master Pyro, invited him to come to my hometown and check out what we were doing in Nueva Vizcaya. paragliding korea danyang

He supported our paragliding campaign by flying over 20 tandem passengers that week. His passion for paragliding showed in his dynamic flying. Plus he offered free flights to all our crew! What a generous soul.

international flying education center

What makes him special? He has this huge smile that never leaves his face. His passengers would always land smiling, laughing and sometimes happily dizzy. :Pnueva vizcaya paraglidingToday he showed up with his usual big grin and declared he was giving me a free flight.paragliding korea danyang

Even if it was freezing cold, I couldn’t say no to that. I had 2 layers of clothes plus a heavily-padded flying suit but I can still feel the wind biting me.paragliding korea danyang


paragliding korea danyang

Notice how he keeps smiling all throughout the flight. I can’t stop laughing myself because I felt like a giant orange marshmallow up in the air.paragliding korea danyangparagliding korea danyangparagliding korea danyangparagliding korea danyang

paragliding korea danyang
paragliding korea danyang

By the time he gave me the controls, my fingers were numb and my face was frozen!paragliding korea danyang

paragliding korea danyangparagliding korea danyang

He patiently guided me until we landed safely.paragliding korea danyang

I was starting to feel down last night but I forced myself to get out this morning. I strongly believe that anyone living with depression needs to be rewarded just for getting out of bed.paragliding korea danyangparagliding korea danyang

It makes a big difference being surrounded by happy people, even if the language barrier is huge. And this pilot’s smile is contagious! pilot im

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