Introducing: Sky Escape 360°

Another flying-inspired view point is born in Ambaguio!

Here’s some of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Sky Escape 360°:

In 2018, when Pyro and I were travelling back and forth the fly site for tandem flights, he kept telling me, “this area, good for developments. I will put camper van here, office here and put something there…”

in 2019, the area, planted with crops looked so promising and we wished we’d be friends with the owner.

In 2020, when we moved operations up in the log cabin, the owner’s family were the very first people in the area who became our friends. Kuya Bonie helped us many times without asking for anything in return and Uncle Roy was the quiet-kindest person we’ve met in the neighborhood.

In 2021, we tried helping them develop it into a camping site, but we didn’t have enough time and resources to focus on it.

In 2022, we slowly met more of the family members, some became our local volunteers in the log cabin operations. We jumpstarted the developments to inspire them to share their area with our guests. Eventually, they took over and impressed us with what they can do together as a family.

Today, we helped them open it to the public. They have a lot of hesitations and self-doubts, “will people like it?” “is the visit worth paying for?” “Ok lang ba sya talaga?” I kept saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

In reality, the area still cannot be compared to other nature destinations that has proper landscaping and sophisticated materials and designs. But I have seen how this humble family has put all their time, resources and finances to build something nice. From father, to children, to in-laws, to grandchildren – they all worked together under the heat of the sun and the pouring of the rain, from dawn until dusk just to create something beautiful.

The developments in the area is far from finished. We are still in square 1. But I believe in the goodness of people, that they will appreciate simple family-built destinations like this. I believe that there are good people who are willing to pay a small amount of money to visit, to stay and to support what the locals of Ambaguio are trying to do. I believe that if you sow love, you will reap love.

Touch the SKY with us and ESCAPE into a 360° breathtaking experience, as you feel the vibe of VIZCAYA!


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