“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss

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33 thoughts on “READERS’ PAGE

  1. Just glanced your blog by chance. What can I say, felt like just something struck me with a million voltage. There are tens of thousands of talented people around the world who never make it to the limelight. But as an old saying in our language goes, “even a million hands can never hide the Sun”, as the Sun is source of all light and life. You are more than such a Sun as you throw light on life around us. Amazing talent. Keep going. God bless.

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  2. hay purple what can i say????? milk tea? i have hehehe keep it up glorify the Lord thru your blogs grabe dmi mna followers disciple m mga yn hikhik may the |Holy Spirit guide you bless you n ur hubby! shalom!

    kuya jhune(numeriano)

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  3. Hi Anak!
    Sorry ngayon lang ako nakapag-comment, I’m still back-reading. Buti na lang may newsletter yung blog mo, nakakahabol pa rin ako sa entries na na-miss ko, hehe.

    Miss na kita, ingat lagi and hi sa hubby mo 🙂

    -College Nanay Sandi


  4. pure talent! ^_^ i love ur site po….i was hooked that i didn’t notice i havent eaten my breakfast and lunch! haha :)) im so glad i got curious of visiting ur blog to look for the dreamcup 2011 la galaxy vs. azkals article na nabanggit ni kuya leeyow 😀 surely i’ll check your blog everytime i go onlin..from now on 😀


    1. Wow well done to everyone on Folksy! Do you have a top ten serlles in December? I don’t want to belittle the people who made the top ten views because I think they all did really well but I think it would also be useful for us to see how actually had the highest sales too.Thanks.


  5. eh bat wala ako dito?! ahhh, siguro kasi sa facebook mo ako comment ng comment. hahahaha. misshuuuuu! but yes, i read your blog all the time. i read all your entries. miss youuuuuu! :* -mingkay


    1. MINGKAAY!!!! Hahaha,. you are so crazy! Ofcourse I know, I was supposed to message you ‘coz I can’t retrieve our messages last year when you said you were reading me 🙂 You were still in Brazil that time. Kilig to the bones ako nun. haha. landi!

      Ayan na ha, isasama na kita. Wag na mag tantrums! :)) you made me laugh.


  6. I am a follower and a reader. It just so happens that WordPress is blocked at work and to make things more dramatic, my laptop crashed. 😦

    I know you’ve been nagging me to start my blog but how can one start a blog without a computer ?! Besides, you already blog the things I want to so why repeat them?


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