Goodbye, Hello!

March 11, 2010

Despite my blurry vision, I looked back one last time to wave goodbye to my departure team. The two special men in my life stood side by side waving back, silently cheering me on. But their slumped shoulders betrayed the smiles on their faces. The sadness was suffocating. I turned around and wheeled my cart into the airport entrance. I painfully held back my tears as I remembered my brother’s words.

“Hindi ka pwedeng umiyak pag nasa airport ka na. Mag-iisip ang immigration, bakit tong turistang ito, umiiyak.”

Sitting on the plane, I began to wonder. What am I doing? Tears of fright and anguish started to flow.

Right on cue, I received my brother’s farewell text.

March 12, 2010 – very early morning

My arrival team made the tears go away… for the moment.

Welcome to a new life, big girl!

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