Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg

Growing up, I have heard about Israel and the end times prophecy but never took genuine interest mainly because Israel seemed to be a land far far away. My recent trip changed just that. I doubt it was coincidence that made me pack Joel Rosenberg’s EPICENTER for my Kish reading. It gave me goosebumps all over especially as I read the chapters on Iran and it’s role in the future of Israel.

I was not just close to a major player in Israel’s destined destruction but I was IN the territory. I was in the empire of the president who vowed to wipe Israel “off the map”. I was breathing the air of those who fearlessly declared their intent to end the world. I was treading the grounds that someday may be the roof to a nuclear plant.

As I walked the streets of Iran, the overpowering reality of evil made sense. I look around and I see not the probability but the certainty of God’s word. On my last day, I spied 3 little boys running around, laughing hard. I pondered, what will become of them?

The current turn of events gives me only one prayer: Lord, prepare us.


Doesn’t make sense?

Get your copy of EPICENTER now.

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