Eli Stone and Humanity

… He isn’t eccentric it’s that he applies his considerable talent to underdogs and individuals instead of conglomerates and CEOs. He reminds us that in business there is still room for humanity, that capitalism without mercy is tantamount to evil. He reminds us about the best parts of ourselves.

Tonight after watching the final episode of Season 1, I realized what’s missing in most of the working world of the Middle East.

When after 2 days and 2 nights straight of overtime for fastidious encoding and your boss still asks you to report back to work at 10 P.M., that is absolutely a lack of HUMANITY.

Thinking about it, I could make a list of all the inhumanities I have seen for the past months but I’d better not if I don’t want this happening to my blog:

I shall wait for my chance.


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