2nd Prize Goi Peace Foundation Essay Contest

Someone was kind enough to message me on Facebook,

”Hi congratulations for winning 2nd prize at Goi Peace Foundation Essay Contest! Proud of you!”

I immediately went to their website and found my name in the winners list.

From among 7,216 entries from 144 UNESCO Member-States, I placed second. The first place winner gets an all-expense-paid trip to Japan. I guess it wasn’t my time yet. Haha.

I am sincerely thankful for my second place. This was my first ever international essay entry and I am humbled by the result. God is truly amazing.

This victory is dedicated to my team. Without you, I wouldn’t have a story to tell.


Young performers from the Northern tribes of Luzon woven together with one passion by one GOD –  uplifting the youth through creative arts on stage.


As I am writing this entry, 14 young people have hiked down from Mt. Province to Bayombong to  join the 5th batch auditions. I am thrilled with what’s going on. I salute such bravery. The battle is being fought.

If you have a heart for the tribes and you want to be part of the team through prayers or financial help or be a fan, message me and we’ll add you to our family.

Click here to read the winning essay.

Let the spears be sharpened!


8 thoughts on “2nd Prize Goi Peace Foundation Essay Contest

  1. Today, I received your certificate of achievement from Japan. I am so proud of you. keep writing and keep winning prizes for our tribe and tribe master..God.


  2. Wheee!!! So happy for you! I read a few of the other essays. Kakatawa/tuwa yung 1st place sa children’s category.

    What do you plan to do w/ your prize?


  3. GOd is good! I knew you would win. (wow, prophet? haha)Super excited for you for this achievement! lab.lab maldy!


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