Asthma No Cure

This post is dedicated to the man I had a discussion with earlier today.

Asthma is NOT at this time CURABLE.

Asthma is a chronic and non-curable disease which involves the respiratory system, and which causes the airways to constrict and become inflamed. Asthma is an allergy and can be triggered by normal every day allergens like smoke, dust, pollens from plant, physical exertion, hair of furry animals. It can also be triggered by other things such as stress and intense emotions.

The best non medication treatment for asthma is learning your asthma triggers and avoiding them.

It is treatable. It can be managed well. Flares are preventable. Symptoms can get better over time. But it is not permanently curable.

Again, i say, it is NOT permanently curable.

Please do not make me look stupid about something that I carry for almost 25 years of my life. You can even ask my grandmother who took care of all her asthmatic grandchildren (that is half of my entire cousins’ population). Better yet, ask my steroid-dependent-asthma-queen sister.

It’s simple as this. When rain pours, people get wet. You can stay indoor and be dry. You keep on telling me, ”do not get wet, do not get wet.” But I am constantly pushed into the rain. I have no roof to run to. Why?

Because it is my job to man the showroom and inhale all the dust flying around. I have no one to blame but myself. Or should I?

”Do you have faith, the right faith?” you say.

I do have faith and I know it is the right one. I do believe that God can heal any incurable disease in the blink of an eye. But not every prayer is granted with a YES. A sickness like this may be God’s way to constantly remind me of my dependence on Him.

So as long as the dust does not settle, my nights will be of God and me in coughing-wheezing harmony.

7 thoughts on “Asthma No Cure

  1. biyot, try mo kayang mag-request sa boss mo ng air purifier? para atleast di maxadong gumagala ang dust…

    btw, i did overcome my asthma.. must be in the genes…


    1. Actually he’s been asking me to search for one. But he’s gonna pay from his own pocket. I dowant another reason to be tied into the company. You know why (whispers about the plan on progress with Faith).

      If only you were near, you’d supply me with inhalers. haha. I just broke my one and only 😦

      Yeap,may different levels/intensity din ang asthma. If gone in an early age the attacks may not re-occur again. But if it persists, it sticks.


    2. well, you’re an employee and should be working in a safe and healthy workplace. no need to make excuses kasi that’s your right as an employee. otherwise, you can sue them… o hanap na, well, if you’re near then you can have a lifetime supply of those inhalers or maybe get a shot for 6 months to get rid of your asthma attacks…


  2. hay nako I couldn’t agree more…TAMAAAA! sino ba kasi ang nagsabing curable ang asthma? haler..wish ko lang diba..haha..war na ako!! haha


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