Manly Wallet

Don’t you just love it when friends of friends drop by in the office and buy food for everyone?

”Libre” is one Filipino culture I am proud to own.

I love guy stuffs. I use CLEAR MEN as shampoo. I wear men’s perfume. I wear a guy’s sunglasses. I put on boxers when I sleep. I like men slippers and I love men shirts.

I feel like men stuffs were made for comfort while lady stuffs were made to torment.

Presenting my newest acquisition! A guy’s wallet. I remember my brother showing-off his expensive soft wallet that looked exactly just like this. I said to myself, someday I’m gonna have one.


It’s small, handy and uncomplicated.

Thanks to my wallet & BK Salad sponsor, Kuya Ian.

On to more manly stuffs!


6 thoughts on “Manly Wallet

  1. haha! di kaya! mauuna muna kayong tatlo ni ivz at faith. sino may kikay kit? sino nagpopolbo? sino may mirror? all those apply to you e. hahahaha!


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