Google Earth

I came across this chat, YEAR 2007 – when we still had time on our hands.

Ivory: What’s your address, BJ?

Violet : You’re gonna Fed Ex?

Ivory: I’ll look at your house in Google Earth.

Bj: ***** Hydra Way, Elk Grove CA 95758 USA

Violet : Whoa! He took it seriously!

Ivory: Wait

Violet : See if he’s naked!

Violet : Is he?

Ivory: Wait

Violet: I see him naked!

Bj: Nah. I don’t go out naked.. too hot outside.

Violet : Ah.. he’s changing fast!

Ivory: Wait, dont move, Bj!

Violet : Wait forever?

Ivory: Teka lang

Violet : Bj FREEZE!

Ivory: Dont move, Bj!

Bj: I’m in my room for crying out loud. It’s the middle of the night.

Violet : Ivory! He’s crying out loud! Haha.

Ivory: Why are you crying, BJ? Hahaha.

Ivory: Ayan na, I can see Hydra Way.

Bj: It’s the third house.

Ivory: Third house from left or right?

Bj: From left. cream colored..

Ivory: I can see your neighboorhood, Bj! Wee!

Bj: It’s perpendicular to Santorini…

Ivory: Turn left from Santorini?

Bj: Yep! Coz there’s no right.

Ivory: Brown roof?

Bj: Yeah!

Ivory: I can see you, Bj! Hahaha!

Ivory: Biyo, go to Google Earth too!

Violet: Hassle…

Bj: Her laptop might crash. Haha!

Violet : I’m writing… deadline coming up.

Ivory: Fine.

Ivory: Address of your workplace, Bj? I wanna explore your neighborhood.

Violet : STALKER!

Bj: Stalker on d loose!!

Ivory: You’re just envious you don’t have Google Earth.

Ivory: Cool! There’s a house with a pool on your block. Befriend that neighbor.

Violet : User…

Ivory: Their pool would just go to waste. Hehe.

Bj: No, their dog swims there.

Ivory: Yikes!

Violet : Does he have a neighbor with a football field?

Ivory: 4th house has a field.

Violet : Rice field?

Ivory: Big field. All grass.

Bj: That’s near the reailroad. Their son’s a football player.

Violet : Pogi? Good-looking?

Bj: 10 years old.

Ivory: Hahaha! Poor Violet.

Violet : Sigh. Fine. You and Bj go stalk around. I’m getting out. Need my full brain to write this script. Tada!

Those were the days 😦

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