Papa’s Birthday 2011

Dear God,

Surprise him early in the morning

Serenade him like it’s the first time

He doesn’t like gifts

(prefers we keep the money for ourselves)

But what else would he need now, right?

He likes cakes and brewed coffee

And talks of life, death and You

Tell your angels to fill this day with music

And let them not forget the candles!

Pass on my hugs and kisses and tell him this

Happy birthday, papa!

We miss spending hearts day with you.


4 thoughts on “Papa’s Birthday 2011

  1. Nakakaiyak naman itoh. Bigla akong nalungkot.

    Ang pogi talaga ni Lolo noh? Nakaka-shock! hihihiih! Nakaka-miss talaga siya.


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