No Cash For You

”But Cap, I’m makulit and magulo. I move a lot.”


‘’Super duper a lot. What if I lose it? Would you be mad?”

”You just got it and you’re thinking of losing it?”

”That’s why I don’t like expensive stuffs ‘coz I end up losing them.”

”I should have gotten the others… the earrings.. the…”

”Cap! One is enough. Buy me more and I won’t talk to you.”


”Why don’t you just give me cash?”

”No. I will not give you cash.’’


‘’Because you’ll just send it to the Philippines.”



”Cap, of course if you give me cash that’s gonna be mine ‘coz I send everything else to the Philippines.”

”Nope. If I give you anything, It’s just for you…

…only for you.’’

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