I Named Her Kia

I am not into cars.

I don’t know anything about engines, models and motors. I see cars as four wheels that transport me to places I want to be.

When KIA and I first met, there was no spark. But I fancied that ”roof window”. Remember this?

Through the days that followed, KIA slowly charmed her way to me.

Everyday she faithfully comes to pick and drop me for work. She tours me to places I’ve never been. She drives me around the city to kill time. She brings me to laundry, supermarkets, malls, food, beaches, restrooms and anywhere I wanna go.

Complete with her Violet-friendly navigator, Violet-chosen CDs and Violet-customized air-conditioner, KIA turned happy days to blissful weeks.

She became my extended closet, my changing room, my bedroom, my dumpster, my friend.

She proved to be more reliable than human beings.

She was a witness to innocent friendship, love, fights, comedy, drama, and all sorts of silliness.

KIA turned blissful weeks to merry months.

KIA won my heart like a worm slowly burrowing inside an apple. If only Eve had a car she would have drove past that evil snake.

Don’t mind if that last line didn’t make sense. I think you already got the point of this post. Haha.

10 thoughts on “I Named Her Kia

    1. yep i have wordpress! unfortunately, the words arent pressing on me to work on it. LOL di mo gets ung blanks? hint: pugad – – – – -. fave cartoon mo ata yan o ni frank?


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