What Craving for Maki Could Do

I am a sucker for maki sushi.

I haven’t eaten one since I came here where Japanese food is rare. Yesterday I saw this mix platter at the supermarket. I drooled.

Whoa the price!

That’s P880.00!

So I did the best Puss-in-Boots-kitty-wide-eyes I could and asked the Captain if I could have this platter for lunch.

Not skipping a beat, he said YES. *heartmelts*

Now that the platter is dispatched into my stomach, I can’t help but think P880.00!

That could have been:

10 1-piece Chicken Joy meal


35 set of siomai in Siomai House


30 cups of HongKong noodles


67 pcs of Dunkin Donuts


176 sticks of isaw


1 month supply of fishball


88 pcs. of panties in Divisoria!

That’s the worth of my one meal. But oh, the taste of crab eggs lingers in my mouth.

Still, I am so guilty.


3 thoughts on “What Craving for Maki Could Do

    1. what’s IO? what’s with you and all these shortened or ”fill in the blanks” that i don’t get? hindi na ba connected ang ating brain cells? lungkot naman.


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