Samanta Igorota!

Once upon a time, little Samantha comes home from school crying really hard.

Her Mom: Why are you crying?

Sam: Because my classmates are calling me Samantha Igorota.

Her Mom tries to comfort her by saying nice things about being an Igorota.

Sam: Si daddy naman kasi, bat pa siya Igorot. Sana parang ikaw nalang mommy Caviteña, parang si Marianne Rivera.

(It’s daddy’s fault because he’s an Igorot. I wish I were like you, mommy, a Caviteña, just like Marianne Rivera – a popular Filipino actress)

And she starts crying again.

6 thoughts on “Samanta Igorota!

  1. yeah! in fact i olwes wear my t-shirt that says ‘IGOROTAK”! hahaha!

    We are one of the tribes never been dominated by foreign powers! Go Balangaos!


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