The Redhead

After 25 long years, my hair has finally been ”touched”. I am now a semi redhead, magentahead to be exact. I had round 2 (round 1 here) of my obligatory makeover.

People close to me, know that my vanity starts and ends with papaya soap and baby powder. I am a wash and wear person who didn’t care much about the totality of my looks.

Before this year, I didn’t wear make-up (mainly because I don’t know how). I cut my nails short and shapeless. I didn’t shave my hairy legs. I didn’t scrub my corn-infested feet. Anything that has to do with beauty, I killed with a gun. In short, I was a walking ‘ugly’. But I lived. Haha.

Through the months, I have slowly learned and accepted how important looks are for men from this part of the world. Extravagance, vanity and pampering comes with the package.

I remember the Captain once telling me,

”When you’re with me, I want you to feel beautiful.”

At first, a very resistant me felt like am I an object that you fix up and decorate to show the world? But understanding their culture and where this desire is coming from made me realize that it’s their way of showing love and devotion.

Yes, in way, it’s a show of their ‘man status’ but it’s a win-win situation, because deep down every woman, even the hard ones like me, is a desire to feel admirable. This indulgence is actually a nice culture that Filipino men could learn from.

They say beauty is high-priced. But if someone else is paying the price, why would I pass at the chance.

This time, chance gave me…

A new hair color…

A fully waxed legs and scrubbed feet…

A manicured hands…

A new bangs…

A blackheads-free nose…

Extended eyelashes…

A wax-shaped eyebrows…

And a cleaner face!

Excuse the newly pricked nose for being red.

I am not promoting narcissism. I guess we all know when to draw the line between proper pampering and conceitedness.

Know that beneath this redhead is still one who laughs loud, snorts, picks her nose, eats with her fingers with one foot up and who loves playing under the rain and sliding on mud!


13 thoughts on “The Redhead

  1. hahaha…nakakatuwa ka talaga…para kang bata kung magpost, well, ur stil young…jajaja…hhhmmm…coment ko… may make-up man o wala..maganda ka parin…pero tama nga naman ung analysis mo sa mga lalaki…


  2. I hope you don’t pick your nose and eat with your fingers at the same time! You look wonderful and very happy. Hugs from across the ocean


  3. Wow! Prettier than ever! I’m so smiling for you right now, SA WAKAS… ganap ka ng babae! ahahha! Salamat naman kay Captain sa kanyang kabaitan. Grabe, ngayon lang kita nakitang may mahahaba at makukulay na kuko. Hahha. Wala namang masama na mag-effort mag-ayos noh tita, may boyfriend ka man o wala, may asawa ka man o wala. It’s really part of our hygiene at nakakapag-improve ng physical appearance natin. Nice! Go go go Tita Vio!

    Yung eye lashes mo ba, permanent na? or just for few months lang? Galing nung gumawa ha, mas gumanda yung eyes mo. ^_^

    So, next, kailangang mag-ipon ka na ng make-up kit: mascara, face powder, blush on, eye shadow, and many more. ^_^ If you want help, I’m just here. Haha ^_^


    1. Wow. Kung maka-comment parang blog din ah. Magopen ka narin ng sarili mong blog. The Teacher Diaries. or something like that. Sure ako marami kang masusulat.

      Korek ka, maganda sa hygiene lalo na kapag hair-free na ang iyong *toot*. For a month lang ang eyelashes 😦 sad nga e. sana kung may permanent eyelash extenders lang tlga. pangarap ko yun 🙂

      pag-uwi ko jan, shopping tayo! sana lang sustentuhan ako ng pampaganda ni el kapitan. haha.


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