Marks and Spencer’s Minimiser

There’s this one crazy day when the Captain insisted I buy new bras. This was part of his campaign in making me a girly girl. I didn’t want to but he literally pulled a combating me inside…

”What size are you?”

”I don’t know.”

”How can you not know?!”

”’Coz I don’t buy my bras.”

”I think you’re the only girl who doesn’t know her bra size.” (or something like that)

I shrugged. I lived 25 years without knowing my bra size. Haha.


Because I was so defiant (whoever wants to shop for a bra with a guy?) I told him to shop by himself. AND HE DID!

”Do you even know how to shop for a bra?”

”Yes, I’ll just look at the photos” (pertaining to the models on the walls)

”Maybe you could buy the girls too.”

I was so insubordinate.

As I watched him go around the lingerie section, seriously scrutinizing each bra displayed and picking items one by one like he really knows what he’s doing, I felt like I was being too headstrong so I gave in to his mission and helped. Who’s heart wouldn’t melt when one sees someone big and muscular intently shopping in a section made for girls.


This made me laugh.

We came across one rack with a special kind of bra.

The slogan read: Reducing the fullness of your bust one cup LOWER.

It took the Captain just one look and he turned away so quickly. He instantly moved to the next rack saying in all seriousness,

”I don’t like minimiser.”



Marks and Spencer has nice collections of underwear, just too costly though.

After almost 2 hours, the Captain was finally happy and satisfied with his hand-picked items.

And I went home with 2 bags of swanky bras, panties and bikinis!

I was happy too. But that was before I saw the bill. Exag! Let’s just say it could have fed my big family for 2-3 months.

Rule #1 in shopping: DO NOT CONVERT TO PESO.

That was how the mission was accomplished.


5 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer’s Minimiser

  1. Vi, did you fit the bras? If not, you must fit them before you take off the tags so you can exchange if they’re the wrong size. Beautiful bras that don’t fit right are useless!

    They should be able to measure you at the shop and tell you what your size is.


    1. it fits, ate! He asked a saleslady to measure me up 🙂 oops, diko nasabi un sa post. sorry 😦 Pero diko pa natanggal ung ibang tags ng bra. andami kasi. nawili sa kakapili ang lolo. haha.


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