The Three Stooges of Room 1702

Do you remember Moe, Larry, and Curly from the famous slapstick comedy The Three Stooges?

I have my very own version of them: Kuya Aries, Gobi and Sir Jay – my personal clowns. These 3 stooges made me survive Abu Dhabi. Without them I would have packed my bags long long time ago.


They say whatever happens in 1702 stays in 1702. But I’m leaving and the least I can do is spill a little so you guys know how wonderful you are.

Room 1702 has been my refuge since I first came to this city. It was one bus ride away from where I used to live so whenever I felt my world crumbling, which was almost all the time, I would run to 1702.

At first it was just Gob.

He is my bitter half. He taught me everything I need to know about this country from ”Do not smile at taxi drivers” to ”Do not jump off this building”. He fed me when I was hungry, he gave me room to sleep in and he lent me money when I’d go broke. In exchange, I gave him a girl to court. Haha. But that’s another story.

My frequent visits earned me another friend, Sir Jay the roommate. I love listening to his stories about life, work and his kids back home in the Philippines. He cooks the best Sinigang! I’d stay with them for days just so I’d taste all the exotic food he and Gob cook. They made me fat.

A few months later, a new roommate entered the scene. Kuya Aries is so adorable, you would want to take him home. I think he is a reincarnated court jester. His jokes and antics can keep us going for hours. He works in Adidas and everyone gets perks!

Everytime I step inside 1702 I am greeted with a warmth that says, ”everything will be ok.” This is my support group – people I’d like to come back to someday. I will definitely miss the long nights, the karaoke, never-ending supply of food and the constant pestering.

They say three is a crowd but I am number 4.

Here’s a sneak peak of what really happens inside 1702.


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