Esperidoeidiphobia: The Fear of Citrus

I have Esperidoeidiphobia, the fear of citrus fruits.

I don’t drink orange juice or eat orange-flavored candies. Orange peelings create butterflies in my stomach. The aroma, especially in a closed bus, makes me wanna throw up. I cringe at the mere sight of a stray citrus seed. A slice of lemon in my plate needs to be eliminated without delay. Whenever I accidentally touch a citrus fruit, I need to wash or disinfect my hand.

The greatest fear of all my fears is Calamansi. The sight and the smell could make me die in place.

Don’t ask me why ‘coz I have no reason. That’s why it’s called irrational fear.

So imagine my horror when yesterday I ordered grilled salmon for lunch and this is what they brought me.

My grilled salmon surrounded by an army of lemon!!!

I nearly fainted.

It was the scariest plate of all time.


37 thoughts on “Esperidoeidiphobia: The Fear of Citrus

  1. I have the same fear tho. I don’t know when I started to get irritated from any kind of citrus especially calamansi. Smelling or even seeing calamansi makes me really faint. Besides from getting irritated, I’ve noticed something when I accidentally ate foods that have calamansi especially here in the Philippines because some dishes here need some citrus, I noticed that I get to poo every time I ate something with calamansi in it. I don’t know, maybe I have an imaginary allergy but I seriously hate Calamansi or any kind of Citrus.


    1. Yeah, same for me..I had it since I was a kid, since I started to make decisions as a human being around the age of 4 years old now I’m 22 and still have this fear inside..I just feel disgusted in just saying the words or even looking at those citrus fruits.. But only my family know this..I have never gain any weight even though I eat a lot of fat foots, my weight’s constant even though i don’t eat those so called healthy food..obesity’s not an issue for me…


  2. “Esperidoeidiphobia”

    Hehehe because of my curiosity ni research ko talaga, at hindi pala talaga ako nag iisa, !!! Akala ng mga friends ko maarte at may topak ako pero totoo po talaga may phobia na ganito, huhuhu graaabe ang torture na naranasan ko simula pagkabata dahil sa phobia na to !!!! Ito yung pang takot ng lahat ng kapatid ko sa akin hahaha super nakaka yuckks pag naka amoy ako nito o kahit hawakan man lang ayaw ko talaga !!! Minsan nga nung ako lang sa bahay napag utusan ako ni mama bumili ng calamansi, pinabalot ko pa talaga sa plastic at sa pinaka dulo ko pa hinawakan kasi diring diri ako!!!! Graaabe kapag may calamansi sa handaan palagi akong gutom kc hindi na ako kumakain kc nandidiri ako, !!

    Take note according to my research Toni G. Is one of us


  3. I’m really glad I’ve found that this is the term to my weirdest fear. Cause I’m always afraid to open it up with my friends because they might call me bizarre. At least now I know what it is:)


  4. I am the same way since I can remember….the smell alone of an orange or tangerine is enough to make me want to gag and vomit. At restaurants, I always order water without lemon, if they bring me water with lemon I ask for another water. Once the server removed the lemon from the rim of the glass and placed the lemon wedge on the table as if that was acceptable….yuk…absolutely not please bring me another water without lemon. No yellow, orange or green candy, EVER. Some people find it humorous and can’t believe this is so… Did you have some sort of bad experience as a child? NO it is what it is. I’m glad my husband respect’s this phobia I have and does eat citrus around me — gotta love him!!!


  5. i have the same fear too! everyone says that i am just making everything up just so i can catch their attention! now, i know that i am not alone! :))

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  6. I’m glad I’ve read your blog because I have the same fear! I can’t stand calamansi! A lot of people has been telling me that I’m so “maarte”. haha. I fainted 3x for slicing and squeezing calamansi for my mom’s dish. HAHA. Now I know what my phobia is called. :))


  7. i want to ask why, but you said don’t ask why. may be, i can ask how? hehe unique ka talaga among uniques…imagine, phobia mo citrus? hhhmmmm… how do you live with it? hala ka…nagadu citrus j febrey… anyway, marunong kang magbalangao? nabanggit mo kasing d ka masyado sa ilokano ei….kala ko, linguistic ka hehe


  8. hahaha this is so funny. i have a friend who has the same fear. what are the odds na 2 tao na kakilala ko ay may phobia na ganito? hahaha


    1. wowee! a lot are saying that i’m the only person they’ve met who has this fear. thanks to your friend i know I AM NOT ALONE! Haha! welcome to violetology, dra. sam padre 🙂


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