Ramee Royal Gym and Cafe

Last Wednesday marked my final day at the gym. It wasn’t even a real gym. It’s a hotel apartment’s fitness center. But I loved it.


1. It fitted my anti-social demeanor. It’s small, has only one of every equipment and no other people. Sweat and stink was all mine!

2. It’s supervised by a fellow-Filipino (Kuya Jun) so I got lotsa perks, like unlimited towels and reserved slots.

3. A few steps away was the pool area. The jacuzzi would be heated up all for me.

4. I sometimes pretended the rooftop was my own.

5. A Cafe is located downstairs. I could grab a bite before gym or blog while waiting for Cap to pick me up.

My one month subscription has ended. I say goodbye to all these and to all the very friendly staff of Ramee Royal Hotel Apartments.

Interested in subscribing? Leave me a message so I can connect you to Kuya Jun. I only paid 150 Dirhams to the hotel and 50 Dirhams to the Kabayan who registered me. Fair enough.

Sweat and stink, we shall find you a place back home!


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