Applying for My Driver’s License

Last week, I went to our provincial Land Transportation Office to apply for a driver’s license.

10:00 am – I filled up a registration form. I was asked to come back in the afternoon

2:30 pm – I went back. My name was called by a man handing out the forms.

”Violet Lucasi”

2:32 – I handed the form to a person in window 4

2:35 – My name was called for the picture taking.

”Violet Lucasi”

(I wonder why our ”photo booth” looks so crappy. Tax, tax where do you go?)

2:40 pm – My name was called for the final step, the payment.

”Violeta Lucasi”

My two ears perked up. I didn’t budge. I was called again.

”Violeta Lucasi”

I marched up to the window and said,

”My name is VIOLET not Violeta. Without an A.”

The lady admitted they made a mistake. She went out to talk to another personnel. They both came back telling me they have to restart the process all over again because my name has already been registered in the national office or something like that. They said, I have to come back next week because the re-processing takes one week.


My name was perfectly spelled in my registration form. It has been perfectly called out for the past 10 minutes. How can they get it wrong that fast. Now I have to wait one more week because of a one-second mistake of I-don’t-know-who inside that office. 

I imagine that person typing my name, bored and sleepy. She wonders, ”what if I just put an A on this name”.  And she types an A.

Violeta. Darn.

Or she may have been eating corn bits (look closely at photo) and accidentally typed an A on my name.

Violeta. Darn.

The Filipinos have lots of talents. Topping the list would be misspelling people’s names in legal documents and IDs. Our specialization? Misspelling baby names.

No, LTO, I am not coming back this week. Forget that driver’s license. Besides I’m not living here long enough to drive your streets.


4 thoughts on “Applying for My Driver’s License

  1. Hey check if it’s not costly to get a license where your going to, cause I regretted when I didn’t get my license and intl license there, cause here it causes 3,000 euros!!!


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