Thunderbird Resorts

This is one of those days when I just want to raise my hands up to the heavens and cry in pure adoration, ”thank you Lord.” 

He directed my steps right into the place I was looking for. 

He sent me just the right people to give me a helping hand. 

He gifted me with a fiancé who understands the whims and wants of a dreamy bride.

He gave me a chance for illusion to be reality.

He granted me this…

It’s official!

2 thoughts on “Thunderbird Resorts

  1. Whoa! Thunderbird!! Nakakain lang ako sa casino nung may project kami sa La Union.
    Congrats on finding a venue! Reserve agad kung sought after yan kasi mauubusan ka nang date.
    If I’m invited, PLEASE have your wedding during the weekend! 😀
    Be wise with finances, wen ading?


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