Steve Green in Concert

Steve Green in Concert!

The interior of Manila Hotel.

Wedding planning while waiting for my brother’s go signal to line-up.

Before squeezing ourselves through the drizzle-wet crowd.

Photo-op with our star before the show begins.

Manila Tent overflowed, excess people sat along the aisles.

This is how far our 1,500 tickets could get us.

But my point and shoot cam has super powers, it can zoom this near!

My brother is so handsome when he sings!

That guy with the mic, he's one of my wedding singers!

Look at those two pretty boys at the right. They're Violetology readers! They kept reciting facts about my life, it made me laugh so hard. Shout-out to Kuya Archie and Kuya Pio, it was nice meeting you!

I do appreciate people telling me they’re reading me. It makes me feel ”yikes, I need to write something more relevant.” Haha.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… STEVE GREEN!

He doesn’t look old at all. 

Joy toying with my brother’s freebie.

Meeting old happy friends. 

I was blessed last night. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to hear LIVE the man whose songs inspired you a lot while growing up. 

Tommy Walker, check. 

Don Moen, check.

Steve Green, Check.

Now who’s next?



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