Slimmers World North Edsa

I vowed not to do this to the gym that has helped me get a bit slimmer the past weeks but today, congratulations to you, reception lady or whoever you are in this gym, I have reached maximum tolerance for all the crappy things you do to your clients.

Reasons why you get slimmer here at


  • 80% of the time, you will be receiving unpleasant glances and dubious stares from the staff.

  • You will be greeted by the most pretentious bright-smiling reception people who have varying levels of friendly assistance, who mess up your schedule and answer your questions like you’re wasting their time.


  • If you want to schedule a treatment, this is the most consistent answer you’ll get: ”By chance, ma’am”. 
  • You will have to start a fight or assert your rights to the highest level before your name finally gets a slot.


  • They’ll call you to say that your 7:30 appointment has been moved to 6:00. You obediently appear at 6:00 only to be seated in waiting until 7:30.
  • You appear for your 3:00 appointment and you’re told it’ll be moved to 4:00. You go back at 4:00 to find out you’ll be waiting ’till 5:00. You go inside your treatment room at 5:00 only to be assisted at 5:30. Expect this to happen almost every time.

  • The staff likes chatting to each other more than accommodating you. If you disturb their everyday chika, they’d look at you like you’re interrupting the most important conversation in the whole wide world.


  • When you need help, they assess you from head to foot. They do this expertly that only fellow-experts can notice. Their service is dependent on how rich you look. My shirt-short-flops didn’t earn me respect at first but my dress-wedge-make-up did the trick. A funny note, if you speak in English, they give you more attention.


  • Most (not all) of their Biometrics people possess a disturbing doze of arrogance. The quality of their services diminishes as you go lower – from lifetime membership to 6-month subscription to 3-month subscription. Imagine what my 1-month subscription gets me! Yes, a crappy, crappy attitude especially from that Biometrics Lady who made my program. I asked her if she could talk to my fiancé to explain to him my program, she gave me a look that said, ‘’Is that part of my job?’’. She said yes she would, but her tone spoke otherwise. Everytime I ask her for help, she raises her eyebrows and makes me feel I’m not worth her time.

Good thing I have gym trainings as an athlete or else I would wander around clueless in that sweaty room of equipments. I never executed their program and up until now, they don’t even know that. Once your record goes inside their bulky cabinets, it will never resurface until you ask for it.

The programs that they say ”fit your needs” should add ”if you have money.” Unless you pay for a personal trainer what you get is the basic program they give to everyone, tweaked a little to make you believe it was done especially for you.

Before I signed up, I asked my consultant if she could at least give me one day with a real good trainer so we could create a program for specific body parts only. She assuringly said yes, yes, yes. That time never came and I got tired of asking.

Really, it’s all about the money, money, money…


  • You’re gonna wonder if their TVs have coin slots too. Most of the time, they aren’t working.

  • If they work, this is what you get. There’s a note that says ‘using personal earphones is encouraged’’ but guess what? Their TVs are mute! Every single day, you have to stand these muted lines.


  • If you enrolled in a treatment and your name is Violet, you’ll be wearing a suit with that name…

  • Or you’ll be wearing a common suit that is thriving with fungus and bacteria. A kuya-gymfriend told me that someone confessed they don’t really wash these suits. If you complain, they’re gonna sell you a personal suit that is so expensive you’d stick to the fungus and say a lot of prayers instead.


  • If you are a nosy person like me, you’ll discover why most of their towels make you itchy. That I will keep to myself.


  •  You wouldn’t mind the Jurassic-looking lockers because the locker staff are the only consistent friendly people there.  But you’ll wish they had a more efficient locker system that you won’t have to bring your own lock all the time.


  • The showers are a big let-down. My nephew can pee more than all the showers combined. They should name it tricklers not showers. It will take you forever to finish a bath and you’d still feel soapy after.


  • What’s more frustrating is just above you are these huge water pipes. Water, water, where do you go?


I have heard a lot of bad stories from other people but I’d rather stick my nose in my own beeswax. Everything I said here are first hand experiences from June this year to this date. I can only speak for myself.

The reason you get slim at Slimmers: UNDESERVED STRESS.

They have a redeeming factor though. Next!


4 thoughts on “Slimmers World North Edsa

  1. Thanks a lot for the thorough review! I was about to sign up as the consultant kept on texting me to sign up to try their gym. Good thing I didn’t and stumbled on your blog post! 🙂 I just saved a bunch of money that was supposed to go wasted 😀


  2. Talaga? Yung isang lady sa reception area, fubu ko ngayon eh. ,Miss Jto be exact hahaha masaya naman, may “extra workout” after ng gym haha pero yeah onti yung mga equipments pero magaganda naman yung ladies and kinda flirty pa so okay lang hahaha


  3. Talaga? Hassle ah. In college, I used to go to Slimmers but the one near Metro East. Ok naman dun, but after your story, I guess that was cos I got a trainer. Anyhoo I hate going to the gym, it’s so awkweird. Futbol nalang tayo. Haha! xoxo


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