New Beginning, New Header

Hello from rainy Boracay!

I left my husband (the word still has a hard time slipping out of my tongue) sleeping at our hotel and I went out for an alone time.

The past days has been a Rio Grande ride, rain pouring here and there, some wanted and mostly unwanted. Four days after the wedding and I still find myself gripping the side of this rubber boat to save myself from falling. My to-do-list keeps on getting longer, expenses remain unbalanced (thanks to my superb skill with numbers) and legal document dilemmas remain unsolved by a naive new bride.

Untold would be the varying emotions going on inside me. There are a lot to process, a lot to understand and accept. I hope this alone time gets me started.

A lot of things have changed for me in over a year. I am both scared and excited. But no matter where the wind (in this case, the rains) lead me, I rest in the knowledge that God is constant.

I praise you, Lord, for this new beginning. As I reach my third stop, I testify in God’s awesome goodness. He is indeed the Father to the fatherless.


Now a special man has entered my life and I have vowed to love and cherish him ’till forever. Journey with me as I explore this new chapter and learn the meaning of the single word I’d never imagined I could be: a wife.

My husband has now awakened and is on his way to disturb my alone time.

6 thoughts on “New Beginning, New Header

  1. awww viot! best wishes again! vowing to love someone FOREVER is a big task but every step and every day is worth taking and embracing because of the men that the Lord has given us to spend it with. I shall journey and pray with you on your third stop. enjoy every bit of it! oh and hello sam! 🙂 God bless you both!


  2. What’s wrong with bbq’d chicken? Or is it the rice?
    Twas a surprisingly sunny day here. I hope the sun will also shine while you’re in the Visayas.
    Ni-highlight mo ba talaga yang buong Psalm?
    Akala ko 3rd stop: Back to Abu Dhabi. Haha. I like yours much better. Minimalistic look ala Google, haha.


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