The Kitchen Musical

I may be the last one to hear about this but I’m still posting for the sake of people living in caves deeper than mine.

The Kitchen Musical is the first ever pan-Asian television musical drama series. Produced and shot in Singapore, it is scheduled to air on seven countries, including ABS-CBN and Studio 23, in the region and 18 territories via AXN this October.

What makes it very interesting is that Filipinos are major ingredients!

Karylle plays the lead role as Maddie Avilon, a fresh graduate who joins her father’s restaurant as the sous chef thus creating tension with head chef Alex Marcus played by British actor Stephen Rahman-Hughes.

Other Filipino lead stars are Christian Bautista and Arthur Acuña. Thou Reyes and Ikey Canoy play support roles. Major roles behind the scenes are AJ Lacuesta who is assistant choreographer and Gerard Salonga who is over-all musical director-arranger.


Here’s an excerpt from Karylle’s blog:

”Joel San Juan, the steady cam operator is the man behind those smooth amazing shots like the one you see in the “Boom boom pow” video (below).  There are two crew members whose significant other is Filipino. Kuya Aliester,the lighting director is married to a Cebuana. He calls himself a Singapino. I was delighted to hear him say this. The other is Daniel from the sound department has a Filipina girlfriend…”

This TV musical is oozing with Pinoy (and Pinoy-linked) talents!

The show is genre-busting. It’s like fusion cuisine. There’s drama, comedy, dancing, a lot of singing and a lot of cooking.


I am totally supporting this. It’s one plateful of Pinoy pride!

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