Food I (do not) Cook

”If you don’t know how to cook, then what do you feed him?” my friend asked me earlier this week.

Allow me to show you.

Exhibit 1

Because cooking is one art I haven’t mastered yet, I used my superb cutting, pasting and organizational skills to come up with this… Tadaaa!

A menu compilation of fast food chains, snack houses and nearby restaurants.


Pizza Hut



Farooj (his all-time favorite)

Stores downstairs

So whenever he gets hungry, he just flips, selects and calls. Then we sit patiently and wait for the delivery guy’s doorbell. Pronto!

Exhibit 2

Anything boiled that would fit in here.

Yes, I am a disgrace to all the hard-working wives out there. Please do not judge me.


15 thoughts on “Food I (do not) Cook

  1. hahahaha! Violet, I also have a compilation of menu from all fast-food chains and restaurants. I’m guilty of possession of 2 file folders full of menus! I survive on takeout and home deliveries. I could even go for days without entering my kitchen. Living alone has made me appreciate 24/7 home deliveries. I even befriend all the delivery guys so that next time they have me on their delivery list, they’ll pack extra kubos, sauce, gravy, etc for me. :))) I’m glad to know I am not alone in the universe.


    1. WOW! It’s nice someone understands! hahaha. Yes, I appreciate 24/7 deliveries now more than ever. I envy that you could do that, befriend delivery guys. Here it’s a no-no :(( They misread friendly actions too much 😦 now let’s hold hands and sing together, ”you are not alone…”


    1. true 🙂 buti ka nga e. you could make our papas proud. haha. pero si ate mate, sa super galing could make papa, mama, uncle, auntie, neighbor and cawa-cawa kids proud. buong baranggay na!


  2. ahahaahaa….nya met pman dayta manang… baka ipagpalit ka nya sa me alam magluto…be carefull… learn how to cook na kasi para ung pang order nya…ibigay nalang sayo…o, di ba, mas malaki ang kupit…hahaha


    1. aba, sabi nga love is unconditional. haha.; i will learn how to cook kapag may lutuan na kami. yihee! haha. yung kupit madali lang yan basta may kukupitin. ngayon kasi wala na. sad.


  3. Aaagh, unhealthy, unhealthy! Mag-aral ka nang magluto!
    You can easily learn to put together salads and steam or stir-fry some veggies. C’mon girl!


    1. fastfood have salad too 🙂 hahaha. I don’t understand, hindi naman ako tamad mag-aral. I try so hard to make it sound exciting but when I’m there peeling or slicing or boiling or whatever, I find it so boring 😦 there is something wrong with my brain.


    2. It’s not exciting, nope. And it’s a chore, yep. My motivation is that it’s healthier and more importantly, cheaper. Also better tasting and faster sometimes. You’ll have to find what works for you. 🙂
      But you may want to take some lessons from Brother Lawrence when doing kitchen work.


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