Borders Dubai on Sale!

The Captain and I went to Dubai yesterday to date his bromance. Remember him? I love playdates with Ahmed for he’s a jolly good fellow… that nobody can deny. (Did you just sing that?)

While they stood in line to buy tickets for a movie, I found this.

If I were to be locked inside a place, it would definitely be a bookstore, like this one. Note: Starbucks inside.


Paperbacks range from 40-50 Dirhams while the hardbounds are 60-70 Dirhams. Buy two and you get one free.

TeNeues Coolnotes an alternative for moleskin.

The classics.

Cookbooks and coffee table books (behind this shelves) 🙂

On sale for 10 Dirhams only are diary planners, mini hardbound journals, pocket dictionaries, coloring books, children’s books and craft materials.

Ahmed made me do this inside the store. He took a dozen photos.

I wanted to buy almost everything but right now, newbie-wife has priorities. Book-lovers in the Emirates, drop by BORDERS before a rich version of me raids the store.

Mall of The Emirates, 1st Floor
04 3415758

Click here for other branches.


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