Kushari, My Egyptian Addiction


I am no food expert. Google is more reliable for must-try Arabic foods. But I will spill a secret just for you.

I am addicted to one particular Egyptian dish that only a few know where to get in Abu Dhabi. Every night, cars (mostly locals) would drive to this hidden beach-side parking lot, just for this. Ever since my husband introduced me to this meal, I crave like a pregnant woman.

File:Cairo koshary.jpg

Kushari, also kosharykosheri or koshari (Egyptian Arabic: كشرى, [ˈkoʃæɾi]) is a traditional Egyptian meal that consists of a strange combination of macaroni, rice, rice, black lentils, chick peas, garlic sauce and a spicy tomato chili sauce, all topped with fried onions. There can be many variation. This vegetarian dish is very popular in Egypt. It is an inexpensive food served at roadside stalls, carts and restaurants all over the country, some of which sell only it.

My street-food obsession has reached Abu Dhabi.

I love the times when I’d bully the Captain into taking that midnight trip to the hush-hush place. Like a secret society, only the bona fide members know the routine. You park, you honk, you wait. There is no street sign or whatsoever.

Out of the trees would come the ”runners”. They get your order then disappear back into the trees. Minutes later they resurface clutching colored plastic bags, the aroma of fried onions trailing behind them. You don’t get to see where the supply is coming from unless you go deeper into the dark.

For only 10 dirham, I’m a full and happy buyer.

The place is so mysterious, this is the first ever treasure map to be drawn.

Hope you find it!


4 thoughts on “Kushari, My Egyptian Addiction

  1. Love places like this! Dong Ba in Saigon has yummy banh beo that many tourists don’t get to find and eat. It’s in the middle of town but a bit hidden.


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