At Three in the Morning

What does a wife do at 3:00 in the morning and she can’t sleep?

She plugs in the iron and starts working.

Hun, why do you have so many work clothes?

*iron, iron, iron*


6 thoughts on “At Three in the Morning

  1. भुवन जि, हजुरले यति लामो नसोच्नु हजुर हरुले अहिले यम.बि.सी. बाटै सकेको सहयोग कुवेत बासी लाई दिनु भयो भने कप्फीहो यो सय फिल्स को पछाडी नलाग्नु हजुर जुन कम मा आयको हो तो कम राम्रो साग छिटो छरितो गरेर सेवागारे धेरै हो ! सहयोग कार्य हामी कुवेत बासीले सकेको गरिराको छौ सय फिल्स जम्मा गर्नु पर्दैन ! भुवन जि,आफनो ठाउबाट सेवा सहयोग गर्नुहोस धन्यवाद ho sir hajur haru lai yasto gardaima ramro bhanidain aafno kam ma nikpachhe hunu hosha m b C le kasto kam gar6 bhane hamilai ramro sang thaha 6 gadha lai gai banauna nakojnuhola thank aafno aatmama lagnuhola nepal gayae m b c le gareko kam so gardai chham b4 garnu hola


  2. Do you think I could make an Peach Iced Fruit Tea and freeze , say, half of the rcepie . . . or would I need to freeze it in ice cubes. The rcepie uses frozen orange juice, frozen lemonade, and peach nectar added to iced tea for a Summer Fruit Tea. I did not know if I could freeze part of or not makes more than I would need at one time. Thank you.


  3. Funny, there was a time I used to like ironing. Now I’d rather wear wrinkled clothes than iron. Ever tried “ironing” bu flattening out your clothing under the mattress the night before and sleeping on it? It works! As long as you’re meticulous about smoothing out the shirt, jeans, whatever before putting the mattress back in place. Haha.


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