Still Obsessed

It’s convenient that the Captain and I do not fret over monthly anniversaries.

Me: Hun, let’s eat pizza.

Cap: No, I’m sleepy.

Me: But it’s our 3rd month anniversary.

Cap: Pizza is expensive.

Me: Yeah. Sad. Ok, you sleep.

We are under financial crisis and believe it or not, I do find pizza expensive. Haha. Still, I want to commemorate this day in the most inexpensive way.


5 thoughts on “Still Obsessed

  1. Kathleen Walsh-Gines says:

    I’ve been married with my hubby for almost a decade (I love the sound of that kahit 2 yrs away pa yung decade na yun lol), and it still amazes my husband and MYSELF that I still have a crush on him hahahah! When he comes in a room I’m in, I would squeal and he would ask me if I’m OK and I would say, “Oh my gosh you’re so handsome you just took my breathe away” sometimes I say it to see him blush but most of the time it comes out naturally because that’s how I actually feel and the feeling is amazing LOL. Since I’m nocturnal, I would go to bed just staring at him and end up waking him when I giggle or when I intentionally say ridiculous things just to wake him up (like: I’m hungry; Hold my hand if you love me; smile;do you want some popcorn; do you love me —-silly things like that LOL). For the anniversaries, we celebrate the date we met (annually), the date we first became official bf-gf(monthly), the date we got engaged (annually) and the day we got married(annually) LOL and for the “monthsarry” I’m not gonna lie that there are days na we get to busy that even we plan to celebrate it, it never happens (in between the military+kids+zumba+being a soccer mom+my social life lol) and I have learned through the years that you just have to take the good out of the bad, if you were not able to celebrate it on the actual day, do it that weekend or the next, make it a state of mind instead of being literal. I see myself in your shoes, many many years ago LOL you’re even nicer because I was too mean that I would end up arguing and instigating little fights just cause I felt like it wasn’t a big deal for him celebrating our “monthsarries” not thinking that 1) He is really tired and just wants to rest 2) He feels that that day is just all-about-me (and it’s actually crazy when all the anniversaries plus Valentine’s and Christmas are all my holidays too hahaha! and believe me I somehow thought back then it should just be all about me LOL) 3) Coz he is a guy, he just really forgot lol .. Fast Forward a couple of years later, I now know TO PUT AN ALARM OF OUR MONTHSARRY 2 days ahead of time on his phone; postpone the celebration if we were not able to do it on the actual day; share ideas on how to celebrate it to make him feel it’s not all about me (sometimes he takes me dancing coz that’s what I love to do and sometimes I would surprise him with a dinner-date at home sans-kids or take him to his favorite ice cream place and sometimes we KARAOKE lol and other times we just stay in bed, movies marathon plus junk food). Don’t feel bad na nag-iinarte ka, LOL believe me, they like that LOL. And even on times you think you’re not normal, for as long as you are in-love doing loving-lovely things to your love, don’t worry about it, not-normal is FUN, not-normal is CRAZY-HAPPY.
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