Filipinas, Do Not Disturb!

I saw this ad while accomplishing my daily (adjustable) quota of online job applications.

Dear Employer,

The Philippines had been colonized by the Americans from 1898 – 1946. The biggest influence left by this era is education. Up until now, most universities are modeled on the system of education in the United States. Our curricula are based on US and UK subjects and disciplines. Many Filipino professors had completed further studies in Western and European Universities.

It is true that the fluency of Filipinos to speak English has declined through the years. Only those with enough education can speak it properly in more “technical” contexts and with proper grammar. However, Filipinos have enough knowledge of English to comprehend, understand and speak it with clarity. You can have a casual conversation in English with a Filipino and you’ll be amazed at the vocabulary they have.

There are a lot of us who can speak and spell in English as good as (maybe even better than) the British, Australian and Swiss.

So dear employer, I think you need an ASIAN HISTORY tutor more than an English tutor.

You disturb me more by telling me not to disturb you. 


9 thoughts on “Filipinas, Do Not Disturb!

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  2. hah! grabe naman yan. kung nabasa ko lang to kagad ei di sana ay nag paiwan muna ako sa abu dhabi bago umuwi ng pinas at nang makita nya ang “istorbong” hinahanap niya. hah! ( tapang tapangan kunyari, haha )


  3. This is an ugly truth. I’ve been teaching English among French and Russian students for more than 2 years now and I’m proud to say I’m Pinay.


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