Ice-Cream in the Park

It is getting cold here in the desert. I have very low tolerance for coldness. My nose and toes easily freeze to semi-death. I have resorted to wearing socks at home and wherever I go.

The chilliness, however, didn’t stop us from eating ice-cream in the park one night.

Why were we in the park in a brrrr night?

I was whiny and I needed quality time with the Captain.

You know those scenes we watch in movies were lovers go to the park, hold hands, sit in a bench, eat ice-cream, stare at each other and laugh in slow motion?

We did all that! (with lesser affection of course, way way lesser. Hello, Arab world)

It only lasted for 15 minutes though because the love bubble became too dreamy for us. But you should try it. The bubble is all worth it.

Here’s a coupon!


2 thoughts on “Ice-Cream in the Park

  1. If you find it cold better invest in thermal underwear and start wearing pants and sleeves in your outdoor jaunts. 😉
    Here’s to more walks in parks!


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