Such a Lazy Housewife

My husband came home yesterday and we had this conversation.

Him: What did you do today?

Me: I slept.

Him: What else?

Me: I worked.

Him: (Surprised) What work?

Me: I blogged.

Him: That’s your work?

Me (in my mind): Blogging is a full-time job, you know.

Him (looks around the house): You are sooo lazy.

I kissed him right away and pulled him into the bedroom hoping he forgets the images he just saw.

Our sala for the past week.

The broom and vacuum cleaner had been staring at dirt for 3 days already.

The garbage is piling up.

Up to this hour, I am so lazy I’d rather take photos and blog than clean up.

Kids, do not do this at home.


6 thoughts on “Such a Lazy Housewife

  1. haaay…naman. mas masarap cgurong magblog pag malinis ang kapaligiran,.parang bahay ko lang dito sa ibaba yan..cge na polet,maglinis ka muna..atleast alang batang magdudum jani, tapos magblog ka ng maraming-marami para marami akong mabasa.heheh!


  2. hhmmmpppp baka naman nakong ko you have this morning sickness?????:)hhmmppp!!! next blog will be ” baby’s day out na hehehehe


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