They are Very Short

One time, I found my husband laughing so hard while looking at something in his laptop. I peered over his shoulders and found him chuckling at my recent Facebook profile picture.

He exclaimed playfully,

”Look at them! They are all so SHORT!”

And he points at my friends heads one by one saying,

”This one is short, this one is very short, this one is the shortest… all of them, very short!”

And he cracked up like crazy.

Oh, yeah. You laugh now but if our future kids turn out to be short too, last laugh is on you!


16 thoughts on “They are Very Short

  1. I’m back… Download mo LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy then nood kayong dalawa during date nites. Sam will love his namesake Sam Gamgee who carried Frodo on his back when Frodo couldn’t walk anymore… pandakekok rules!


    1. Oonga no, if you straighten your back, you’ll be a little itsy bitsy bit taller! Hahaha. I will tell him that. Kawawa naman si jeannet ngarud. Kelan kaya sya lalaki…


    1. Hahaha πŸ™‚ skype ko nalang kayo pakilala ma’am πŸ™‚ You made me laugh. (I just saw you opened a blog! yey! excited for that. Do you know that when you leave a comment you don’t have to put every detail in, just your name. But if you got a wordpress narin, that’s better. blog na ma’am!)


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