Christmas Project: Ribbons and Twirls

Materials: Used ribbons and paper clips

Skill Specifications: Tying and twirling

Attitude Requirements: Creative imagination

Project Warning: May involve a lot of trials and errors

I’m lucky I have friends in the gift-wrapping industry. During my last visit they gave away their garbage – old ribbons and left-over wrapping papers. Their trash became my treasure.

Too many colors in a Christmas tree can be an eyesore sometimes so I chose a color motif. I went with blue, silver and gold.

Then I tied, cut, clumped and twirled!

Up next, snow!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Project: Ribbons and Twirls

  1. Ah, so that’s how you were able to make the balls w/o spending!
    Yeah, a good looking colorful tree is more difficult to do than a monochrome/few colors one.


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