Cooking by Myself is Depressing

My cooking teacher is away for the holidays. I braved the odds to do this alone just to give back to my husband who has been so lovable the past few days.

I figured I enjoyed my cooking classes because of the company and the conversation. Doing this alone in my kitchen made me wish I was Alice in Wonderland. She had more fun being chased by a stack of cards than me mincing onions.

Dear God,

Please watch over my Koosa as it boils. Do not let them float around and keep my electric burner hot enough to do its job. Cover my husband’s tongue with love that he would find my overly poured spices and my amateur blends pleasing to his taste buds. Also, protect his stomach from food poisoning.

And please make me rich so I could hire a chef that I may refrain from cooking all the days of my life.



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