The Bests and Worsts of 2011

January – Overworked, underpaid, abused at work.

February – I said ”yes” to a committed relationship.

March – Lying employer held my passport on the day of my departure home.

April – Officially had a fiance!

May – Theater summer ministry up in the mountains.

June – 2-month fiasco of a wedding preparation.

July – I said ”I do”.

August – Honeymoon, do not disturb.

September – Flew back to the country I vowed I will never return to.

October – Financial crisis.

November – Still jobless.

December – First Christmas as a married person.

It’s been a roller coaster ride this year but there’s one major lesson for me to share.

God allows all the bad things to happen in our life always for a reason. He has wisdom beyond what our mortal eyes can see. We tend to auto-focus on our miseries but God is telling us…

And when He opens our eyes for us to see that, we will be thankful for all the tears we’ve shed.

Thank you, year 2011, for the goals achieved, the experiences that made me tougher, and the people who stood by me against all odds.


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