What Parents Do for Ikea Ice-Cream

I was standing in line at Ikea yesterday for a one dirham ice-cream when two covered women cut the line and marched straight up to the cashier. The line was long and no one said a word probably because in this country being covered is like immunity to cutting queues (and to mostly anything).

Good thing the girl in the cashier ignored them and took orders from those in line. The two women eventually walked away. When it was my turn, 5 little rowdy kids invaded the counter pushing me aside and noisily tapped their coins on the counter. The girl in the cashier had no choice but to serve the kids as they were defeaning, all clamoring for ice-cream.

I looked around just to see who owned these kids and watching from afar were the two covered women who earlier marched up to the counter. They were watching and coaching the kids with their hands.

I cannot believe these people and the values they teach their kids. Never in my entire life do I remember my parents giving approval for bad manners and disrespect for others.

And neither will I ask my future kids to do a dirty job for me especially if it’s for a pathetic-looking ice-cream.


4 thoughts on “What Parents Do for Ikea Ice-Cream

  1. Tsk tsk. Kahit di lang yan soft serve ice cream, it’s pathetic. But I bet they were feeling proud for getting one up over every one of you in line.


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