It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

As expected of a country of extremely passionate haters and lovers, there are mixed reactions to the Philippines’ new tourism campaign.

I may have a love-hate relationship with my country, but after all that’s said and done (even if I go to Switzerland), a whole lot of things are indeed more fun in the Philippines!

My list could go on and on and on.

English author Neil Gaiman tweets,

Oh yes we do! My #1 choice for fun Philippines! 

Support ako jan!


17 thoughts on “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

  1. right, it’s more fun in the philippines.
    (by the way, you may mean “photo shoot” and not “pictorial” on one of the photos)


  2. Naks! Gaiman reacted positively to the new tourism slogan.
    Actually when I first heard it I thought of our crummy airport, expensive hotels and terrible traffic (in MM and other big cities) and wondered if tourists will be saying NOT!!! after their stay here. Di naman sana.


  3. The most convincing example of “MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES” is this:

    Photojournalists from around the world who come to capture the devastating effects of Natural disasters here in the Philippines find themselves discombobulated (thanks sir Rigor) by the reactions of Filipinos whenever Filipinos find themselves in the cross-hairs of foreign cameras: They SMILE, WAVE AND CHEER, yes they do, and I s*** you not.

    They have their houses submerged in floods, lava flow and landslides not to mention lost of property AND LIVES… and they still SMILE, WAVE AND CHEER AT THE CAMERAS… go figure… And that is why Photojournalists are “advised” to take “candid” or stolen pictures of Filipinos after any tragedy or else people around the world would not believe that these “FUN-LOVING” FILIPINOS have really experienced devastation.

    That is the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me… kemo sabe?


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