Alarm Clocks that will Definitely Wake you Up

Waking up my husband in the morning is a laborious career. I tried searching online for effective alarm clocks and found an interesting compilation here.

Some of the clocks were so amusing, like they were made for certain people I know.

Clocky the Running Alarm for my husband who sleeps like oil.

It has wheels that runs away beeping! You can snooze one time, but if you don’t get up, it will jump off your nightstand up to 3 feet high, and run around your room as if looking for a place to hide. You’ll have to get out of bed to silence the alarm!

Clocky Alarm Clock

Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock for my competitive gym-freak jogging partner.

On the sound of the alarm clock only the upward swing of the dumbbell shuts off the repeating buzz – 30 upward swings of the dumbbell that is – and you can watch your total count down from 30 in the LCD display.

Shape Up Alarm Clock

Pillow Alarm Clock for my light-sensitive brother.

The LED fabric substrate wakes the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the surface of the pillow.

Pillow Alarm Clock

glo Pillow Alarm Clock

Carpet Alarm Clock for my sister who stands up before actually waking up. To turn the buzz off, you just have to stand on it.

.Carpet Alarm Clock

Paper Alarm Clock for me because I love crumpling papers. To switch the alarm off, just crunch it up!

mora alarm


In the end, I think I’d still opt to wake my husband up the traditional way: kisses and massage and a lot of ”wake up na.” Just because he looks so handsome, undefiled and uncorrupted in the morning 🙂


4 thoughts on “Alarm Clocks that will Definitely Wake you Up

  1. i love clocky the running alarm clock – the best! i really need that one, especially that i’m addicted to snoozing. anyway, bottomline really is DISCIPLINE to just get up and out of bed. pansin ko kasi sa sarili i don’t get late when i know i CAN’T be late (if you see what I mean) and i come late when i don’t think i’ll miss a lot if i do. ang sama ko! well, it’s 2012! hoping for a new start this year. 🙂 regards to your hubby, bro. 🙂 mwah!! xx


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