Waiting the Noah Way

When God instructed Noah to build an Ark, he gave a detailed description of how the ark should be built. After this very lengthy instructions, the chapter concluded with ”Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.”

When given this staggering and meticulous job to do, Noah did it. We don’t hear of him complaining or rebelling. No questions of who, what, when, where, and why. He simply obeyed.

“The work of building the ark was laborious, costly, tedious, dangerous, and seemingly foolish and ridiculous; especially when all things continued in the same posture and safety for so many scores of years together.” (Poole)

For more than a hundred years, Noah built the ark. Imagine all the people watching, snickering and shaking their heads at the man who was building a boat in the middle of dry land under a very sunny weather. How in the world would he push that boat into the ocean!

But that wasn’t the most ridiculous part.

”After seven days that the waters of the flood were on the earth.”

After 7 days! Imagine Noah, the animals, and his family inside the ark waiting for seven more days for rain to come. People outside would have died of laughter. Oh there’s the crazy family inside the ark, waiting for nothing! Each day of that week, people would have waken up to a bright and sunny morning and mocked the colossal presence of the ark.

This was a real test of faith for Noah – to wait a week after more than 100 years of preparation.

And then it rained… and rained, and rained! There was no one laughing now.

Though it took 120 years, God demonstrated that He keeps His promises and is totally faithful.

I’m starting to grow weary and tired of waiting for certain things in my life. It’s been 10 months of being jobless, the longest record since I started laboring as a working student in college. The dominant-influential side of me is just itching to go back to a mind-stimulating function and a more challenging role.

Just when I was about to flood God with my complaints, he reminded me of his role in my life. I obey, I wait and he sends the rain.

I have no right to grumble for mine is just 10 months and Noah was 120 years.


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