Our First Home Furnishing

The past week was interior design week at home.

This has been delayed gratification for us and we only have God to thank for providing our house needs after months of living in a bare home. Thank you, Lord, for my husband’s job that sustains us. I pray you continue to fuel that internal drive in him to get out of bed for work every morning.

Thank you that after 5 months of running around an empty flat, we now have some household stuff to cover all my falling hairs.

I waited for years for this moment!

My mom and I used to argue a lot because I kept on meddling on her home decorating style. Her only winning argument that could shut me up was,

”This is my house. You wait ’till you have your own house then you can put or remove anything you want.”

I am finally free to execute the blueprints I drafted and stocked in my head for so long. As soon as my husband and I started lay-outing, I felt a coming doom! 

You see, my husband and my mom share similar characteristics. Even when we were still dating, they used to gang up on me all the time. They have this mutual bond and interest which, I recently discovered, extended to home arrangements. It was like discussing with my mother all over again!

Like my mom, he prefers to fill up every space he finds and if there’s no space, he creates one just so he could fill it up. Like my mom, he is inclined towards huge stuff and flowery designs. 

I love spaces and I hate flowers.

After a week-long of debate and pouting (I feel like my lips have grown an inch longer), my husband showed me another side of him that made me realized how much love he could give a bossy person like me. He gave way for my ”architectural” plans.

In return, I let him choose the carpet.

Lessons for the week:

Marry a man who loves you more than spaces and flowers.

Pouting is bad, children.


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