The Egypt Revolution V.2

Egypt hailed the “revival” of the revolution after massive crowds took to the streets to demand democratic changes, a year after the start of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Millions of Egyptians wanted to see the end of military rule. The revolution continues!

An interview with the Egyptian who lives in my house (A.K.A My husband)

ME: What are you really fighting for?

HIM: Freedooooooooooooom!

ME: When is it going to stop?

HIM: When the military gives what the people want.

ME: If you were in Egypt will you be in the streets protesting?

HIM: Yes.

ME: Who do you want to be president?

HIM: El Baradei.

ME: Why him?

HIM: You go search in Google.

ME: Why should the world care about Egypt?

HIM: Did we tell the world to care? We just want to expose the ways of the old regime. People around the world cared, coming from themselves, we didn’t have to tell them to care.

ME: If given the chance, will you marry an American, Egyptian or a Filipina?

HIM: Why will I be given the chance?

ME: Just answer the question. If given the chance…

HIM: American.

The interview was cut short as the interviewer protested and started her own revolution!


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