Eye Lounge SM North Edsa

It was a week before my pre-nup in the Philippines and I was desperately looking for colored lenses that had my grade (-7.00). For the past decade, I bought my lenses from an optical shop in SM North Edsa.

Unfortunately, their colored lenses end with grade -6.00 and they had only one color available for my current grade. It was a bad color. I went from shop to shop and they told me the same thing. My eye grade was too high for colors.

I was so frustrated I ended up having my nails done instead. After de-stressing I walked out of the salon and saw an optical shop opposite it. I walked in and a minute later, someone called out my name.


I turned around to see a familiar big smile.


Charisse is my college football teammate. I am number 17, She is 11. We’ve played a lot of games together and it amazes me how this petite fragile-looking person plays defense and blocks very powerful kicks.

Her family owns the shop.

I explained my dilemma and without delay she told me, she could get me what I needed. 2 days later I had my colored contact lenses and my new prescription glasses.

just in time! Just like that!

Better vision doesn’t have to be expensive. Eye Lounge has the frames to fit your budget!

They have frames as low as P395 and promos that run all year round. They’ve got more than a thousand frames for you to choose from!

Visit Eye Lounge at SM North Edsa, 3rd floor, Main Building.
SAT & SUN: 10AM-10PM

Contact number +63 23992197

To know more, go here.


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