Too Short For My Peephole

Presenting our door. See that yellow thing.

Zooming in..


Whenever our doorbell rings,  I have no way of knowing who’s at the door unless I use a stool or wear 6-inch heels. Such a hassle.


The Arab architect who designed our house had no mercy for the Asians.


4 thoughts on “Too Short For My Peephole

  1. I use to have the same problem in my 1st apartment. I would install a second lower peep hole or keep a stool by the door at all times. I would never open the door without knowing who was knocking, there are too many crazies out there. What I like about the picture is the cover over the peephole. They had one like on a cruise I took but the problem was that it stays open unless you close it. I found a self closing cover at and i feel safer.


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