Power Root Alitea and AliCafe

My body composition is 2% water and 98% coffee and tea.

My husband keeps on complaining about my consumption of drinking water. He said water that used to last him a week, last me only a day.

These are the culprits.

If you are in the UAE and you’re tired of Nescafe and Lipton, try switching to the Power Root brands. They have essence of Tongkat Ali and Ginseng which has been used for centuries in Asia as herbal treatments for a lot of health conditions.


  • Supports natural balance of your body to combat fatigue
  • Increases physical and mental endurance and boosts energy
  • Strengthens your nervous system and improves the health of people recovering from illness
  • Normalizes body functions like menstruation, eases childbirth, helps in symptoms of menopause and prevents infections.
  • Reduces cholesterol, prevents cancer and is an effective anti-aging supplement


  • Treats erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems
  • Helps improve libido and increase testosterone levels
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Increases the formation of red blood cells
  • Reduces the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases

The nice thing about the Power Root brand is that the herbal taste is very mild. It doesn’t give you the feeling of drinking grass or weeds. But beware, it is addicting! 🙂 I’ve been on it for over two years.

A pack of 18 sachets ranges from DHS 16.00 – 18.00 in ABu Dhabi Co-op, Lulu Supermarket or Carrefour.

Try it and tell me how you find it!


10 thoughts on “Power Root Alitea and AliCafe

  1. I too am addicted but I read online that ginseng causes medical problems for pregnant women in their first trimester. So be careful.


  2. I am using this for many years now and also addictive but is this causing my wife to be less energetic and have some skin problems,in other words does this tea increase the estrogen level of women


    1. corsage: NO WINE for you. yes to cheese! see how you feel next week? i pray and hope that you’ll feel great when you’re into your secnod trimester by MID MARCH. :)))


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