The Jeremy Lin-Sanity

I had never been interested in basketball, never watched an NBA game on TV and never cared to know who the players are until now.

All I know about basketball I learned last night. It was the first time I’ve intentionally sat down to watch re-runs of basketball games or rather highlights of Jeremy Lin’s winning streak.

One video led to another and another. At some point I started replaying shots and studying his play. All night long I watched his games, interviews and personal videos.

The ”humble Harvard graudate” is now the hottest story in the NBA.

People are drawn to him because his story is the story of a lot of us – a story of hope, hardwork, perseverance and of dreams.

Lin’s college coach says,

“Did he need some luck? Yeah, he needed some luck. But when he finally got some in the pros, he was ready. This kid didn’t just drop from the sky. He’s been grinding away his whole life. I get that he’s more interesting because he’s Asian-American, and he’s from Harvard. But when his moment arrived, he was ready for it because he’s passionate and committed and he worked.”

But what I admire most in this Asian-American who has come from the end of the bench to become this kind of sudden star, is that he always gives the glory to Who it really belongs.

In all his interviews and his personal videos he reroutes all the praises of him to God. He considers everything in his life – including his coaches, his parents, his “tall” genes (6’3) and opportunities given to play – blessings from God.

“I look back and I realize these are His fingerprints all over my story,” he says.

Here’s a fun video of him!

I am officially a fan!


6 thoughts on “The Jeremy Lin-Sanity

  1. it was a blessing perhaps when NYN’s starting points where injured which gave jeremy lin the minutes to play and prove himself. . .


  2. Haha! My guy students are NBA fans and they try to sneak in some NBA time when I am not around. Last weekend, I discovered the NBA website in my browser history (my students apparently forgot to clear the browser history) and that’s when I discovered J-Lin. And I have been LIN-sanely hooked since then. 😛


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